This Gorilla Gripper Helps You Carry Large Pieces of Plywood, Drywall, or Sheet Metal

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How it works is,💪 the Gorilla Gripper slips onto the top edge of any panel of material, clamps down, and offers a handy carrying handle that lets you easily haul it around to your side. The gripper clamps down onto the top of the panel which creates an extremely sturdy and temporary handle for someone to carry it. 💪The
device will continue to grip the panel until you lower it to the ground, which is when it releases its grip.💪💪

🦾🦾A perfect gift idea for Dad, a carpenter, drywall installer, general handyman, and more, the Gorilla Gripper works great both on the job site, and while just picking up the slabs of material at the store.🦾 No more splinters and hurt backs trying to prove to that Home Depot worker that "You Got This". 

🦸‍♂🦸‍♂🦸‍♂🦸‍♂Not only great for wood panels, the Gorilla Gripper also works with drywall, metal sheets, glass panels, particle board, melamine, large signs and a ton of other types of materials that are just too awkwardly shaped or too long to carry by just one person. 🦸‍♂Plus it reduces the risk of strain and injury to your back, shoulders, neck, arms, and hands while hauling around these heavy loads.

✅There's a few different versions of the Gorilla Gripper that offers various widths of panels that you can carry. ✅The ergonomic design of the Gorilla Gripper offers a cushioned handle for comfort while hauling and a comfortable position to carry the load.✅

👍The gorilla Gripper is made from epoxy coated steel support arms, along with extremely durable glass-filled nylon polymer gripper plates. 👍The device has a continuously self adjusting clamp so you don't have to set a certain width each time, and is rated to carry up to 100or 200 lbs of weight.👍

🥰🥰Just place it right on top of any sheet of plywood or drywall to easily carry it around with just one hand!🥰🥰

🧔🧔🧔It instantly creates a sturdy temporary handle for the person carrying the item!