This Fidget Pen Lets You Fidget While You Write🔥🔥🔥

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✅When writing or jotting down your best ideas suddenly comes to a halt due to writers block, ✅the fidget pen will be your new best friend. Just start fiddling with the pen to reignite the ideas flowing through your mind and get the creativity flowing.✅

💭💭💭The fidget pen features a bunch of different things to tinker with, including a metallic ball that spins around the sides of the pen, a carbon-steel disc that rotates around the shaft of the pen, plus extras that are unlocked as more people fund the project.

The fidget pen also comes with a clip that has two magnetic ends which offer endless fidgeting capabilities and doubles as a clip to attach your pen to a backpack, purse, or notebook.✈✈✈

🌎🌎🌎The company also offers add-ons that you can attach to normal pens without the need to purchase their bendable metallic fidget pen. The add-ons will turn any pencil or pen into a fidget toy.