Polarized Glasses

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Reduce Glare & Improve Clarity!

Feel fearless in the sun with full UV protection. InnerClear Polarized Glassesblock 99.99% harmful UVA/UVB, UVC or blue light, etc!
These glasses give you the clearer,more accurate visionand alleviate some eye strain.So if you find yourself squinting a lotthen you need this!
Whether you’re going fordriving, sports, sunbathing, or just out shopping, these polarized glasseswill be your best buds!


Polarized Glasses
UV protection against 99.9% of harmful UVA/UVB, UVC.

Eliminate Glare & Brightness
Eliminate reflected and scattered light for clearer sight while reducing eye strains.

Multiple Scenario
See clearly during activities like driving, skiing, boating, and fishing.

Fashionable Eyewear
Its textured metal hinge and smooth-curved temple tips make it comfortable to use and stylish at the same time.


Colors: Black, Silver


1 / 2 / 4 xInnerClear Polarized Glasses