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CraftsmanCapitol™ Premium Deburring Bit (3PCS)
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Uniburr: Deburring Tool That Repairs Damaged Bolts

If you have a bolt that you need to tighten-up, screw-in, or work on, but it's old, nasty, rusty, and won't allow you to screw a nut onto it, chances are you'll have to go find a new bolt with the exact same size and length. Though, you wouldn't have to if you had the CraftsmanCapitol™ Premium Deburring Bit! It's a unique drill attachment that lets you easily fix the ends of broken or rusted bolts to easily reattach a nut.

The CraftsmanCapitol™ Premium Deburring Bit is a drill bit attachment, so it'll work with any standard drill to repair damaged bolt ends. It works on pretty much any kind of bolt no matter what it's made from, including stainless steel, hardened steel, mild steel, copper, brass, aluminum, fiberglass, wood, and plastic. Though, it is ineffective on Chrome-Moly (chromium and molybdenum).

The deburring drill bit attachment tool is best used on your drills low speed (50-400 RPMs) since using it on a higher speed with shortening the life of the tool. To use it properly, the tool should not chatter, it should not overheat the workpiece, it should not spark, the threads should be sheared off, not folded over, and you should only be used to remove the damaged threads, not make the end of the bolt into a pencil.

Uniburr: Deburring Tool That Repairs Damaged Bolts - Rusted bolt fixing drill bit attachment


  • Quickly repairs damaged bolts and tighten the nuts in place.
  • Simplifies the repair process, eliminates the need to replace expensive or hard-to-find hardware.
  • Simple operation, using the lowest speed on the drill bit, and then slightly applying pressure to remove the burr.
  • Effective on Stainless Steel, Hardened Steel, Mild Steel, Copper, Brass, Aluminum, Fiberglass, Wood, Plastic.
  • High strength and hardness.


  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Color: Silver
  • Total Length: 48mm
  • Fits Size: 8-32 bolts (.164) up to 3/4" 10 (.750) - (4mm -19mm)
Package Included:
  • 1 x Deburring External Chamfer Tool
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